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Pre-sales service
For fast and accurate quotation information, we need more details:
1. Your specs model of construction Vehicle
2. The hydraulic pump part number  (most important)
3. The photos of pump
4. The direction of rotation for the pump (anticlockwise or clockwise)
On-sale service
Technical support:
Product Maintenance: Factory supports the users to use old products, including Komatsu, Kawasaki, Caterpillar, JCB and Volvo other original pieces of maintenance and repair.
New product development: The factory has a complete Research and development team , Constant innovation new varieties for market demand.
OEM Customization: Our factory has the ability and strength of sample processing plants and we will give the lowest price on a quantitative basis.
After-sale service
User Manual:
1. If the previous pump of customers is ordinary wear and tear, such as bushing abrasion; before installing a new pump, Please replace the engine oil, filter, and add fresh oil in the new pump; 
2. If the previous pump of customers is not abraded as normal, such as scraping the Case inside, broken shaft, appears the iron dusts or other conditions; customers need to clean the oil tank before installing a new pump, clean up scrap metal, clean up the tubing path, and add fresh oil in the new pump;
3. Low speed working of engine for three minutes and then start to use as normal.