More than 40 years of experience in gear pump production, provide high-end hydraulic gear pumps worldwide.
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WanXun actively cooperated with the local government to prevent and control the epidemic, donated money and materials, and was rated as "Excellent Unit for Epidemic Prevention and Control"
In 2019
Reached a talent training plan with major universities in the province, such as Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou University, etc.
In 2018
It produced hydraulic oil pumps that can bear 300 tons of mining equipment, such as Caterpillar L2350 loaders in the United States. 
In 2017
The latest trademark style was changed and registered
In 2015
Zhengzhou WanXun officially changed its name to Henan WanXun Industrial Co., Ltd., and the factory settled in Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo City
In 2014
The local government of Jiaozuo City approved WanXun's "annual production of 10,000 construction machinery hydraulic oil pump projects". WanXun invested 105 million yuan to build a new factory building of 20,461 square meters
In 2013
The company participated in bauma CTT Russia, and the large-scale engineering series products received many intentions and consultations from customers from Russia and neighboring countries.
In 2010
It was rated as the best enterprise of Henan Star by Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission
In 2005
WanXun was rated as a member unit of China Construction Machinery Vehicle Parts Association Honest Trade Community.
In 2004
The bulldozer oil pump series produced and assembled by WanXun was rated as a famous product by China Construction Machinery Vehicle Parts Association.
In 2003
WanXun participated in and sponsored the National Construction Machinery Vehicle Parts Fair, which won wide recognition in the construction machinery industry
In 2002
Chairman Yang Xiangming registered and established Zhengzhou WanXun Industrial Co., Ltd., the predecessor of Henan WanXun Industrial Co., Ltd., officially started large-scale export trade
In 1999
WanXun expanded its production scale, and the annual output of oil pumps could reach 5,000 units. It also built a new factory and workshop in Zhengzhou, purchased imported production equipment.
In 1995
WanXun made a breakthrough in the quality and process of oil pumps. At the Canton Fair, it was recognized by the engineers of Komatsu headquarters. 
In 1988
WanXun went to visit the headquarters of Komatsu Corporation in Japan to learn the oil pump technology of the world's outstanding companies
In 1983
Yang Xiangming, the founder of WanXun Company, began to engage in the research and development of oil pumps and the production of construction machinery parts.